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Welcome to the Beneforce Navigation Page.

Holistic medicine (alternative health, treatments and cures) is a rapidly growing industry as many people, disillusioned by the side effects, cost and ineffectiveness of pharmaceutical medicines are turning to older, more traditional remedies (that have survived centuries of use) and looking for less invasive forms of treatments.

Each of the different modalities of Alternative Medicine has a complexity of its own. Many of them requires years of studying to master the techniques of assessment, diagnoses and prescription.

On Beneforce I am trying to bring this, hugely complex, subject matter to you, the user, in an easy to navigate and understandable format. This is not an easy task. The constant need to cross-refer to other pages in different directories is complex and when different modalities refer to the same subject matter it becomes even more so.

It would be nice to provide a site where visitors can browse and not get lost but, with over 2,000 pages, I can not do that without making it either linear or trivializing some of it. So instead I offer links on this page which is hopefully the starting point for every visitor, regardless of your need. If it is still confusing please send me an email and I will try again.

The Directories in the left navigation bar starting with Aromatherapy and ending at Vitamins will take you to an index of the pages on that particular subject matter. For someone looking for individual information on any category that should get you to your destination page.

If you wish to know more than that, it becomes a little more complex:

If you have a Condition, Disease or Symptom and wish to research all the remedies and treatments on Beneforce the best starting point is the Symptoms Directory which will take you to a page that will list options by modality.

In virtually all the cases there will be several remedies in each modality to choose from. You can, of course choose the first one that takes your fancy or that you have used to benefit before, but failing that your search has not ended. You now have to find out which is the remedy most likely to succeed.

To do that you have to choose your preferred category or modality and narrow your choices down from there. Here is how it should be narrowed down:

Go to each of the pages and compare primary and secondary symptoms of the person you are trying to treat with the therapeutic effect of the remedy or treatment. Remember that most of these remedies are holistic and you have to find the one that will treat the individual's needs or symptoms best.

Where I am aware of it, or have come across it I will also mention contra-indications and side effects but for a complete list of these and the dosage you will have to rely on the supplier of the product.

If you do all your homework well there should be only one or a few that fits your needs best.

Homeopathy is a little different (like all of them) but for Homeopathy I have put a series of "How To" pages together in the Homeopathy Information section. I recommend that these are read before choosing a remedy.

As I add more information and pages the above process will become easier, if more voluminous.

Finding a Herb, Essential Oil or Other Substance with a Specific Property can be done by finding the property in the Properties Index and then following the appropriate link. Keep in mind that this is but one of the properties, so here the process of elimination is excluding those substances with undesirable properties.

Finding a Herb, Essential Oil or Other Substance with a Specific Constituent can be done by finding the constituent in the Constituent Index and then following the appropriate link. At the time of writing the constituent index is far from complete but it will soon list all substances with therapeutic or significant concentrations. This is a vast area and I am barely scratching the surface.

Although we are motivated totally by creating the biggest and richest source of information on Alternative Health and Medicine on the Internet (and not necessarily the generation of money by pushing sales all over every page) we still need to fund our efforts. Beneforce is totally funded by the money that it makes by selling products. Contrary to popular belief that cyberspace is a source for making millions it is the hardest place to make money.

We do not ask for donations. We ask that you consider buying from Beneforce, but only if you need products that we supply. We believe that our products are competitively priced but have no intention to compete with the many discount sites of distressed products.

To go to our shopping pages click on this link:

Beneforce Shopping Pages

We do not provide professional advice or services in any of the fields we cover on this site. We recommend that, before any treatment or technique is used or before any holistic or alternative medicine is taken, you consult an appropriate professional or practitioner.

We endeavor to provide factual information on our pages, allowing you to form your own opinions and judgments. If alternative treatment, and the practice of alternative medicine are of interest to you, we suggest that you bookmark this page and return frequently to view our progress and examine our information database.

If you are searching for a specific alternative medicine, product or treatment and cannot track it down, please contact us with full details of your requirement by clicking on the contact us link on the left navigation bar and we will source the item or product for you if at all possible. Even if we are unsuccessful and cannot find it we will get back to you.

Beneforce is an information site and we plan to keep it that way. We do offer products for sale and hope that this will grow to become the larger part of the site but we will always be working on the constant increase of information.

If you are aware of a product line or discipline that would augment or extend our offering we would also appreciate it if you would contact us with the information.

Manufacturers of quality products are encouraged to contact us with information on their products if they wish to explore the possibility of selling their products on out pages. We will respond promptly and waste no time in the evaluation of any offer.

If you have any questions on any form of alternative health please do not hesitate to contact us. We may not always know the answer but we will respond.

How current is this information?

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