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Tibetan Medicine

We know very little about the venerable and mysterious healing power of Tibetan Medicine. Many of the people who have experienced Tibetan Medicine or Healing claims that it is surprisingly effective almost magical. Even today the practice of Tibetan Medicine is shrouded in mystery and secrecy.

Tibetan Medicine is a complex, varied and in depth categorisation of an individual human into three humors:
Air (which affects breathing, our vocal abilities and muscular development, strength and responsiveness, it also controls the mind both emotionally and intellectually as well as the nervous system and its varied functions)
Bile (controls the temperature of the body, the bowels and their function - our ability to absorb nourishment from the food we eat as well as the ability to reject that which is not needed or harmful - liver and related organs, responsible for detoxification) and
Phlegm, which influences the mucus in the body and controls the immune system.

Tibetan Medicine practice is very precise and examines more than just the body or mind. Tibetan Medicine diagnoses and prognosis can be a very drawn out process that is often seen as being at odds with the treatment, which can often be a simple diet change. Tibetan Medicine believes in subtle changes to restore the balanced function of body, mind and spirit.

Tibetan Medicine practitioners spend more than ten years to learn their skills. These Tibetan Medicine skills and knowledge are also very securely protected so it is very difficult to find a properly accredited Tibetan Medicine Practitioner outside of Tibet.




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