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Tibb Medicine

Also known as Unani Medicine, Tibb Medicine is a holistic system of medicine that was developed in the Middle East at the juncture of the Greek and Egyptian civilisations with Chinese and Indian. It is therefore no wonder to find that the doctrine of Tibb Medicine encompasses many of the medicines and practices from these cultures.

A truly holistic discipline Tibb Medicine regards health as a whole of person phenomenon. Qawa (the Arabic equivalent of Qi in Chinese and Prana in Indian Medicine) in Tibb Medicine is regarded as the vital health energy that is dependent on elements in the mind, body and spirit, none that can be healed or adjusted without an impact on the other.

Tibb Medicine practitioners try to be non-invasive for as long as they can be. Tibb healing practitioners first look at lifestyle and fitness to see if they can make subtle changes to correct the problem before Tibb healing practitioners are prepared to take more drastic action. In Tibb healing posture, breathing, attitude, sleeping patterns are examined and adjusted. If that does not work the mind and spirit is examined by Tibb healing practitioners, dealing with any emotional problems. After that diet and habits are examined where Tibb healing practitioners will even go as far as spending several days with you to examine all aspects of your life like sleeping patterns, bowel movements, working habits and social behaviour. Again these will be changed in as gentle a way as possible.

If none of the above worked Tibb healing practitioners will consider many options, ranging from acupuncture to herbal treatments, with by now a full understanding of the patients psyche, lifestyle and patterns, while at the same time addressing many other areas such as religion and psychology.

A good Tibb Medicine practitioner will know you better than you do yourself before the treatment concludes.

Tibb Medicine is a fully holistic process with special emphasis on compassion and empathy. Tibb Medicine provides a gentle healing process over a prolonged period that is only suitable for those with the patience, belief and diligence to see it through.



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