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Most Common Name: DHEA
Also Known As (other names):Dehydroepiandrosterone

DHEA description:

Dehydroepiandrosterone - DHEA has been found to be deficient in most people over the age of forty. As levels of this hormone declines rapidly from early adulthood the correlation supports the theory that this hormone seems to be active in preventing the ageing process in almost all aspects of the human body.

It is almost as if the body has been pre-programmed to age after the age of 35 and a reduction in Dehydroepiandrosterone - DHEA is triggered. Not only do people start looking older but they are also more prone to the sicknesses and diseases the typically plague the elder population. The risk of cancers increase, the immune system loses vitality, inflammation occurs more frequently, risk of arthritis and osteoporosis and heart disease increases and sedentary flab follows soon.

DHEA seems to be the one hormone that, if taken early enough, can dramatically slow most of this ageing process but that assumes that it is the lower levels of DHEA that triggers the ageing process. This may not be true and even if it were there is no evidence that suggests once the ageing process has started that it can be reversed or slowed.

That was all the good news but the side effects of DHEA that have emerged in the last decade suggests that this substance can and will cause cancer, heart disease and who knows what other problems.

Do not take it! It is not worth it! Don't be stupid, wait for a better solution.

This page has been added for completeness only - we do not recommend DHEA, in fact we believe that it should be outlawed.

DHEA Use for/In treatment of:

  Although there are many conditions that DHEA are claimed to be effective for the risk of taking it is far too high. 

Buy DHEA products:

One day, when a safer form of DHEA or an alternative that is not nearly as dangerous is available we may consider selling it.

DHEA Contraindications, do not use if:

We cannot warrant that this list of contraindications are complete or valid. We urge that you consult an appropriate and knowledgeable practitioner before treatment.

DHEA is Administered as/Available in:

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