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Most Common Name: Carb Interceptor
Also Known As (other names): Carbohydrate inhibitor, Carbohydrate blocker

 There are many Carb Interceptors, Carb Blockers or Carbohydrate Inhibitors on the market.

The purpose of all Carb Interceptors or Carb Blockers is to prevent the body from digesting or metabolising carbohydrates. This is achieved by inhibiting the digestive enzymes from digesting the sugars or carbohydrates or inhibiting the metabolic process of storing it as fat.

Most Carb Blockers or Carb Interceptors are based on Phaseolamin, an extract from white kidney beans (although it is also extracted from a variety of other legumes) which inhibits the enzymes in the body from breaking carbohydrates down, literally discarding the carbohydrates as waste matter. If carbohydrates are not absorbed, weight gain is not possible.

Carb interceptors and Carb blockers are broken down in the digestive system and once that happens are unable to inhibit the body's uptake of carbohydrates. For this reason many of the ingestible treatments may not work as they are digested and destroyed before carbohydrates and therefore rendered ineffective.

It is used for, or in treatment of:

ObesityWeight loss 


Side effects, Contraindications, do not use if:

Gastric cramps  
We at Beneforce are certainly not experts in the use of every vitamin, mineral or dietary supplement. In our studies and research we do come across warnings that something should not be used in certain circumstances or for certain conditions and ailments. Where possible we will reflect these on our pages but cannot guarantee that for any herb our list of contraindications are complete or valid. We urge that you consult an appropriate and knowledgeable practitioner before treatment.
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