Neurotherapy, a holistic system from ancient India

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Neurotherapy is one of the modalities that forms part of the vast and varied Ayurvedic medicine and treatment discipline.

Neurotherapy does not focus on the short term, a single symptom or complaint. In essence Neurotherapy practicioners believe that in most cases our entire body, with all the many seemingly independent functions, works as a single unity. Components of the body react to the whole and the whole reacts to individual components.

The methodology of Neurotherapy revolves around stimulating, easing and encouraging the body to act normally as a whole and thereby allowing it to manufacture the biochemicals, hormones, enzymes and nutrients necessary for it to function normally in the confidence that the body is by far the better physician.

In Neurotherapy this is all achieved by what at first appears to be massaging with the feet. The Neurotherapy therapist uses his/her feet to put pressure on various parts of the body to stimulate organs and glands and nerves to encourage the body to perform more efficiently. This pressure can be hard and heavy to reach certain deeper spots in the body that needs stimulation but it is often gentle and light and very relaxing.

Neurotherapy has to be repeated a number of times before the benefits can be noticed. The period of time that the body takes to respond varies from person to person but it also depends on how long the malfunction that is being treated by Neurotherapy has been allowed to settle in.

Neurotherapy practitioners will not prescribe herbal or any other medicine but will often ask that their patient either include some foods or exclude some foods from their diet to ease or assist the Neurotherapy healing process.

Neurotherapy is surprisingly down to earth and very easy to understand. Neurotherapy Practitioners are trained to have an in depth understanding of how the body works from both mechanical and neurologic aspects.

Most patients find Neurotherapy therapy relaxing and stress relieving. in some instances where lymph and other glands are stimulated there may be some initial tenderness but this should not last beyond the first or second treatment.




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