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Natural Treatments and Medicines - Are they Safe?

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Natural Treatments and Medicines-Benefits and Risks. 

 Lately, disillusionment in pharmaceutical medicine, has caused many people to turn to alternate Natural Treatments, therapies and medicines, which seem to be less invasive and claim to have less side effects. For years many communities seem to have flourished on the application of a variety of herbs and other Natural Treatments. The closer these communities and tribes are to nature the stronger the reliance on Natural Treatments that grow naturally in their environment.

 Although this entire web site is dedicated to the history, explanation and other information on alternate medicines, we caution our readers to take care when selecting Natural Treatments, alternate health products or treatments. Unlike most pharmaceutical medicines many, if not all, of the Natural Treatments products offered are not subjected to the same rigorous tests and other acceptance criteria before they can be brought to market and although this does not invalidate the potential benefits, it is necessary for the user to ensure that the use and dosages of these Natural Treatments are safe.

 We do not endorse any of the Natural Treatments products advertised on our pages, not because we do not believe that they work but because we have only anecdotal information on their value and effectiveness.

Many pharmaceutical medicines have their origins in nature. A huge number of the wonder drugs that are available today were discovered by field trips into remote places where the medical practices and Natural Treatments of remote and relatively primitive tribes were studied.

Tamoxifen, used as an anticancer drug, is derived from the bark of a Pacific Yew tree. Digitalis comes from the Foxglove plant and even the deadly poisonous plant Nightshade was the original source of atropine.

Several governments and universities have conducted studies into Natural Treatments and other traditional medicines from all parts of the world, going back, in some cases, as far as two thousand years ago. Almost all these studies revealed that many of these Natural Treatments appear to be effective in treating a great variety of ailments and conditions. There were also many Natural Treatments found to have no beneficial value which reinforces the reason for extensive research and ensuring that the practitioner you consult on any of the Natural Treatments is knowledgeable and experienced in the use of Natural Treatments.



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