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Mongolian Healing:

Passed down through the centuries Mongolian Healing may be the oldest known form of healing.

More than just a simple holistic discipline, Mongolian Healing, based on the very ancient medicinal discipline known as Em-Dom, professes that both past and future affect the present and that we are what we have been, what we will be in the future and what we are today.

Mongolian Healing is not about the physical but about the psychological and spiritual being. Mongolian Healing regards the body, its present and the current feeling as a single place in the continuum of time and emotion. Mongolian Healing focuses on this "Here and Now" as a starting point in the process of diagnosing the imbalance in physical and mental health. Mongolian Healing practitioners believe that most diseases can be healed by readjusting the place you are in your journey through life to bring your future and past in harmony with your current situation.

Mongolian Healing can often be regarded as harsh (sometimes herbs are burnt on the skin) and dramatic but then at other times appears to be so mild and almost ineffectual in the eyes of the uninitiated.

In Mongolian Healing the way these adjustments are made depends on what is perceived to be the problem. If you seem to be heading into a future, which is not in harmony with a healthy life, forms of exorcisms or prayers may be prescribed. If the required adjustment is mostly physical herbs or acupuncture could be prescribed. Many Mongolian Healing treatments appear strange until we realise that the intention is not to cure but to move out of the time, mind, body space where the disease or ailment is.



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