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Common Name: Calcium
Also Known As (other names): 

Calcium description:

A very small portion of the Calcium you ingest is used by your body to service the nervous, cardio vascular and antiimmune systems. The vast majority of your calcium intake is immediately moved to bones and teeth where it is used to maintain structural strength and growth.

Any deficiency in calcium in the body is made up by removing the required calcium from the bones and teeth. This process reduces bone density and although your body can cope continuous shortage of calcium eventually leads to brittle bones and teeth with poor ability to withstand even the lightest trauma. Excess calcium is not stored but excreted in urine.

In older people where bone density is already a problem, and growing children when the calcium is needed to grow the skeletal system a shortage of calcium can have serious consequences. During pregnancy it is also necessary to ensure that your calcium intake is adequate to avoid calcium being unnecessarily depleted from the mother's body to form the foetal skeleton.

Very little unused calcium can be stored in other parts of the body. All we can do is ensure that our bodies have a steady supply of calcium. Fortunately calcium is easy to come by as it is abundant in milk, cheese, fish and many fruits and vegetables.

Overdoses of calcium (substantially more than the recommended dose) should be avoided as it could cause kidney stones. Moderate surplus of calcium intake can often be managed effectively by drinking a lot of water.


Calcium Use for/In treatment of:

Osteoporosis (prevention)CrampsPeriod pains
Maintaining strong bonesMood disordersGrowing and maintaining healthy teeth.

Calcium Contraindications, do not use if:

We cannot warrant that this list of contraindications are complete or valid. We urge that you consult an appropriate and knowledgeable practitioner before treatment.

Calcium is Administered as/Available in:

PowderTablets Liquid

Recommended Reading:


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