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Homeopathy is a holistic system of complementary treatments focused on correction or balancing the whole being. Homeopathy does not focus merely on the ailment or a symptom of the ailment but looks much deeper at the causative factors that initiated and support the ailment.

Homeopathy takes all of the patient into consideration, maybe starting with the physical but also the spiritual, personality, intellect, temperament, disposition and mood of the patient, which is why two patients with the same physical symptoms will not necessarily get the same treatment or medication. The Homeopathy practitioner will also monitor all of the above throughout the treatment and could modify the treatment to stay in sync with the patient.

Although Homeopathy often uses toxic (very poisonous) substances in the treatments it is one of the safer, less invasive, alternative health disciplines. Homeopathy believes that at all time the treatment should do no harm.

Homeopathy remedial philosophy "Like is able to cure Like" can be traced back as far as Hippocrates who, some 500 years BC, formed the basic principles. In the 19th century this was extended by a Dr. Hahneman who went against the harsh treatments of the time believing that the cure should not be worse than the ailment. In his studies he discovered that very small doses of a substance that causes the symptoms of an ailment will often cure the disease. By experimenting with substances that cause symptoms in healthy people he eventually formulated successful remedies for various ailments. In many ways Homeopathy is very similar to the modern practice of inoculating against a disease by injecting a small, weakened amount of the actual virus or derivative thereof, which then stimulates the immune system to build the appropriate antibodies.

As Homeopathy is largely based on using substances that would replicate the symptoms in healthy person it follows that these substances are potentially harmful. Most of the substances uses in Homeopathy are poisonous and it is only the dosage that makes them less harmful. 

Homeopathy substances are used in extremely diluted form, which is why fatally poisonous substances like arsenic can be prescribed.

Most substances in Homeopathy are extracted by dissolving in alcohol (called the mother tincture), which is then diluted up to more than one in ten million for use.

As in all Holistic Modalities and Alternative healing disciplines with Homeopathy self treatment is not recommended. Reading a few pages on Homeopathy is unlikely to allow the reader to cure what is often a complex ailment with treatments that have been practiced and perfected over centuries. A deeper understanding of both ailment and its symptoms and the Homeopathy medicine its effects and side effects is needed for success.

In the case of homeopathy with its many virulently toxic substances and complex and often dangerous dilution and preparation methods it is essential that a Homeopathy practitioner is consulted. Homeopathy is one discipline where a little knowledge is very dangerous and even life threatening which is totally at odds with the reality of the Hippocratic oath and philosophy which underlies Homeopathy's gentle, non invasive healing discipline.

In our pages we detail the Homeopathy treatments, their effects and more for your information. Our intention is to give a better understanding of the Homeopathy treatments. We deliberately avoid mentioning dosages as we firmly believe that this is the domain of your Homeopathy practitioner.

Do not make your own Homeopathy medicine! Leave it to the professionals that know what they are doing.


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