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On Homeopathic Medicine in particular:

Homeopathic substances are almost all dilutions of extreme poisons:
By far the majority of substances used to make Homeopathic medicines are extremely toxic and poisonous. This is not surprising as the basic philosophy of Homeopathy is the administration of minute amounts of a substance that will cause similar symptoms in an otherwise healthy person. Obviously substances that can make you sick are toxic and poisonous by definition.

In treatment form these substances have been diluted to the point where merely a trace of the substance is still present. At these extreme dilutions there is no evidence that the medication is harmful.

Making your own homeopathic medicine is however a very different situation. This is best left to the experts as in herb, or other concentrated form, many of these substances are so poisonous that merely touching them could result in death. Aconite, Arnica, Belladonna, Nux Vomica, Quicksilver are all virulent poisons better recognised by the names of the poisons: Deadly Nightshade, or poisonous constituents: Strychnine, Arsenic, Aconite, Mercury. Tarantula Cubensis is made using the diluted venom from the Cuban Tarantula spider.

We strongly recommend that, as these substances are so dangerous that merely handling them is already life threatening, you buy your Homeopathic medicine from qualified and reputable organisations and do not attempt to make it yourself.

The efficacy of Homeopathic Medicine has been questioned for years:
Homeopathy has provoked more ridicule and disbelief in the conventional medical profession than any other alternative modality for hundreds of years, probably since the start of the discipline itself. This disbelief does not revolve around the effectiveness or value of the substances used but it is entirely focused on the extreme dilution of these substances.

Much of the disbelief in Homeopathic Medicine by modern day science revolves around this extreme dilution and indeed in many cases the original "Mother Tincture" has been diluted to the point that it is debatable if any trace of the medicinal substance is present. Advocates of Homeopathy believes that the medicinal properties are retained by the process of "potentizing" by vigorous shaking and other energizing means during the dilution procedure. Hahnemann, regarded as the father of homeopathy, called this process of dilution and potentizing "Succussions" and these may be repeated several times.

Homeopaths believe that although there may be almost none of the original substance left, the trace or memory of the substance is enough to trigger the desired medicinal effect in the body.  Science points out that in some cases the Mother Tincture has been diluted to the point that it no longer exists as a detectable ingredient of the solution and therefore cannot have any affect whatsoever.

Arguments for and against:
Although I do not believe that I am qualified to enter into this argument (nor is it the role I wish to play) I think that the "Scientific View" makes the mistake of relying too much on what we know today or in any point of time. It was not that long ago that the scientists of the day believed that the earth is flat!

Over the centuries our current scientific views have developed by gradually discovering why and how things work. This process either reinforced and confirmed or rejected, as not true all, most of the myths, superstitions and other beliefs accumulated over centuries in many cultures. Despite this long history of continuous discovery modern scientists seem to believe that they now, finally, know it all.

Thalidomide was a scientific discovery and how much pain and anguish did that cause? DHEA, in more recent times, came along the same route and was regarded as the wonder substance that will make all of us younger. Now there is evidence that it is carcinogenic.

Herbal remedies were dismissed as folk lore by scientists no more than forty years ago. Today many of these scientists are employed in laboratories that are testing herbal and other traditional medicines to find the next wonder drug.

Homeopathy, on the other hand, is unlikely to be harmful if these dilutions renders the end product devoid of the "mother tincture" (just as well as most homeopathic medicine is based on poisons). The philosophy that underpins homeopathy makes it clear that no further harm should be done.

Who knows? Maybe we will discover in the next century that the Hahnemann process of succusion does transfer a memory, message or code along the process of dilution and suddenly homeopathy will be the new frontier for the very scientists that are dismissing it as quackery.

General Disclaimer:
We at Beneforce endeavour to bring you as much information as we can on alternative medicine, Holistic Healing, traditional medicine which includes natural supplements, minerals, vitamins, herbal remedies, homeopathic medicine from all round the world, both modern and going as far back as six thousand years ago. This information is offered for your interest or to improve or supplement your knowledge on the many subjects we cover.

Like all medicine traditional medicine, herbal and homeopathic substances and natural medicines can be harmful if taken in excess or with other medication. Some substances used in herbal and other remedies like Nightshade is a virulent and vicious poison that could easily lead to death if taken in the wrong dosage. Many other substances used in all medical practices could also cause death or severe illness if taken inappropriately.

Many herbs are freely available and may even be harvested locally. In our pages we give a brief description how extracts are made from herbs and other substances. If, out of interest or need, you choose to apply one of these methods or any other form of extraction please ensure that you get the appropriate advice on use and dosage from a qualified practitioner as it is quite possible that dosages and treatments available commercially will not apply to the end result that you may achieve.

Although we are strong proponents of taking responsibility for the health of your own body, mind and spirit we urge that you seek out a professional practitioner before embarking on a process of self healing. Too little knowledge is often dangerous

We cannot and do not accept any responsibility for the consequences of any action taken as a result of any of the content of our web site or any web site we have linked to.



* Statements made have not been evaluated by American Food and Drug Authority or similar board or authority of any other country.
The content of this website, products offered on the website and any correspondence that we may enter into with you have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Authority. The information and products offered on this website and any website or publication that we may refer to or link to are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, prevent or in any way improve or ease any conditions, disease or symptoms. The content of the website, products and documentation provided is for your entertainment and enlightenment only. None of the content of this website, packaging and documentation provided with products offered on this website or any correspondence entered into is intended or should be construed as a substitute or augmentation of advice from your physician or medical practitioner. You should not use any information provided by us in any form to diagnose or treat any condition or disease. You must consult your healthcare practitioner or doctor before commencing any dietary change, taking or ceasing to take any medication, starting or stopping a treatment of any suspected or diagnosed medical condition or self improvement plan.


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