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Tarentula - Uses, Benefits, Properties, Description, Effects and Details of Tarantula explanation and other information

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Remedy Name/s: Common Name/s: Latin, Zoological, Botanical and mineralogical name/s:
Tarantula, Tarentula Hunting Spider, Wolf Spider, Spanish Spider Tarantula Hispanica

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General description and domicile:
The European tarantula or Wolf Spider is often confused with the Cuban or American Tarantula which has a venomous bite and can cause quite a bit of damage and discomfort. The toxicity of the European Tarantula is much lower.
The European tarantula (after which all the other similar looking spiders were named) got its common name from a small Italian town called Tarento. It was proved in Spain in 1984 which is possibly responsible for the Zoological name of Tarantula Hispanica

Warning: A bite from the European tarantula, although less harmful than its American counterpart, is still painful and may cause an allergic reaction.

Part used and extraction:
The whole spider is used.

Remedy preparation:
The whole spider is macerated and dissolved in alcohol over a prolonged period before being filtered to obtain the mother tincture.

The tarantula does not spin a web. Instead it hunts its prey by chasing it down and grasping it in its powerful front legs before biting and injecting its venom. It relies on its strength more than the toxicity of its venom to overcome its prey.

Most of the Tarantula's reputation dates back to when it was believed that its bite will cause tarantism a "catch-all" disease that was blamed for a variety of depressions and madness.

Remedy profile:
Hyperactive people that are affected by music, Impatience that borders on anxiety, a sense of urgency and a feeling of not being able to sit still. Tarantula people tend to have rapid extreme mood swings from friendly happiness to potentially violent rage and can be very manipulative. When sick their restlessness prevents them from getting rest, which frequently extends the period of convalescence.

Key Symptoms:
On the Go, respond to music, inability to sit still, rapid mood swings, crave spicy food.

Used for treatment of:

Accompanied by anger, often not logical

Mood swings

Twitchiness of the limbs

And related disorders of the cardiovascular system - It is not recommended to use this medication, or any alternative medication, for any heart condition without first consulting your doctor.

Vaginal discomfort:
Possibly associated with frequent sexual activity.

Urinary tract infections

General Symptoms Worse for: Factors/Conditions that make the symptoms worse
Cold weather and rooms
Post menstruation

General Symptoms Better for: Factors/Conditions that improve symptoms
Fresh air

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