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Remedy Name/s: Common Name/s: Latin, Zoological, Botanical and mineralogical name/s:
Sepia Cuttlefish ink, Squid ink Sepia Officinalis

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General description and domicile:
Cuttlefish, nautilus and octopus are all members of the Cephalopoda group of the Sepiida family of mollusks. Cuttlefish, unlike most of the mollusks have an internal shell constructed from calcium carbonate (the same material that oyster and other shells are made of) which serves to give them skeletal rigidity but also as a buoyancy chamber with which they can control their depth, much like a submarine, by varying the liquid to gas ratio.

Originally cuttlefish caught in the Mediterranean Sea were used but now Australian (particularly Tasmanian) and New Zealand cuttlefish ink is also used. Cuttlefish prefer the bottom of shallow waters and are often washed ashore in severe storms.

When threatened they extrude a brown/black ink or dye which is the substance used in this remedy.

Part used and extraction:
The ink (dark brown, almost black) is collected and dried.

Remedy preparation:
Dried cuttlefish ink is triturated with lactose sugar to make the mother tincture.

Cuttlefish has a rich history in Ancient Greek and Roman medicine. In Rome it was used for baldness and in Greece as a cure for kidney gravel and gonorrhea.

Cuttlefish is a culinary delicacy in Greece and most of Asia.

Sepia was proved by Hahnemann.

Remedy profile:
Extroverted people with strong opinions that tend to be rather short with loved ones respond well to this remedy. They hate being contradicted and can fall into severe depressions when they become lethargic, indifferent and tearful. Emotional symptoms caused by hormonal imbalance. Easily irritated by sympathy. Primarily linked to women with reproductive organ conditions or hormone fluctuations.

Key Symptoms:
Irritability. Short temper. Low sex drive. Insecurity. Indifferent to sympathy.

Used for treatment of:

Hormonal/PMS conditions:
Sepia is indicated for most conditions linked to menstrual cycles. Hormone imbalances, premenstrual stress and acute period pains.
Menopause, pre- and post-pregnancy as well as pain during sexual intercourse is helped by Sepia.

Especially if accompanied by muscular pain.


Circulatory disorders



Nausea and Vomiting:
Related to pregnancy


Hot Flushes

Thrush (particularly women with burning heavy vaginal discharge)

Vaginal discharge (white and strong odor)

Menstrual pain (chronic painful periods that may be worse when urinating)

Labor pain


Eye inflammation or infections (accompanied by white discharge)

Cystitis (slow, urgent urination. Sudden irresistible urge to urinate. After childbirth this chronic condition may develop with cloudy dark urine. Incontinence frequently accompanies this condition)



General Symptoms Worse for:
Factors/Conditions that make the symptoms worse
Cold weather
Wet weather
before menstruation
in evening
in morning

General Symptoms Better for: Factors/Conditions that improve symptoms
Warm clothing
Warm rooms
Fresh air
Sitting up
being busy

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