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Remedy profile of Cantharis, Origin, Preparation,  Symptoms explanation and other information

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Remedy Name/s: Common Name/s: Latin, Zoological, Botanical and mineralogical name/s:
Cantharis Spanish Fly, Blister beetle Cantharis Vesicatoria

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General description and domicile:
The Spanish fly is native to Spain and parts of France and Asia. It is a pretty green beetle that feeds of the leaves of trees including poplar, privet and lilac trees.

Liquid extracts of this beetle has been used as an aphrodisiac for years (or should I say "reputed" aphrodisiac as there is no evidence other than anecdotal that this is true) as well as a treatment for warts (where it is occasionally effective in raising a blister that lifts the wart), baldness

Warning: The beetle contains a substance called cantharidine which is a powerful irritant if ingested (it is even powerful enough to raise blisters if applied topically) and any significant dose can and will cause kidney damage or even death. Symptoms of poisoning are severe abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting, painful mouth and throat and in extreme cases the presence of blood in urine, stools and vomit.

Part used and extraction:
Whole, live beetles are used in the homeopathic remedy

Remedy preparation:
Macerated and steeped in alcohol for five days to obtain mother tincture

The use of Spanish Fly can be traced back for more than 2000 years. Hippocrates used it to treat dropsy and syphilis and it was extensively used as blistering plasters to treat rheumatism, arthritis, joint and muscular aches. Even to today some believe that it is an aphrodisiac if taken internally possibly because it is a severe urinary tract irritant (that can cause permanent damage) and the consequent awareness of this irritation on the genitalia is confused with sexual stimulation.

How to use these pages:
What follows below is a profile of the homeopathic remedy. This profile must be compared with the profile of the person to be treated in great detail before treatment can be commenced. See How to Use these Pages

Remedy profile:
Cantharis people have a high sex drive which tends to increase during illness. They have volatile, even violent tempers and are frequently intolerant. Children can be insolent and demanding.
Cantharis is prescribed for conditions that deteriorate or escalate rapidly. The patient deteriorates very rapidly and general symptoms are typically a total loss of appetite, sore throat, burning pain when urinating and constant, persistent thirst accompanied with an aversion to drinking as swallowing is painful and so is the build up of liquid in the urinary tract. Most pains are described as burning.

Key Symptoms:
Burning pain, high sex drive, painful urination, violent temper.

Used for treatment of:

Urinary tract infections/inflammation



Excessive libido

Genital inflammation

Bladder - Kidney disorders




Insect bites and stings



General Symptoms Worse for: Factors/Conditions that make the symptoms worse

General Symptoms Better for: Factors/Conditions that improve symptoms
Cold compresses
At night


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