Calcarea Carbonica - The Homeopathic Remedy

Remedy profile of Calcarea Carbonica, Origin, Preparation,  Symptoms explanation and other information
Shy, placid, contented people
Sluggish, feeble and lethargic sums up the Physical Symptoms.

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Remedy Name/s: Common Name/s: Latin, Zoological, Botanical and mineralogical name/s:
Calcarea Carbonica, Calc. Carb. Limestone, Oyster shell Calcium Carbonate

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General description and domicile:
Calcium Carbonate is the mineral that all sea shells are made of and is not too different from the calcium in human bones. It is the fifth most common mineral in human and other animal bodies, as lime it is an essential ingredient in the buildings we dwell in and the roads we travel on.

Part used and extraction:
Oyster shells are used to prepare the homeopathic remedy

Remedy preparation:
Oyster shells are cleaned and the white part of the mother of pearl layer is carefully separated from the balance of the shell (which is discarded. This part is then ground and triturated with lactose to obtain the mother tincture.

Many years ago pearls (another form of calcium carbonate) were dissolved in wine as a gesture of esteem and to cure many digestive disorders. 

Calcarea Carbonica was proved by Hahnemann.

How to use these pages:
What follows below is a profile of the homeopathic remedy. This profile must be compared with the profile of the person to be treated in great detail before treatment can be commenced. See How to Use these Pages

Remedy profile:
Shy, placid, contented people who are happy to observe and does not need to be the centre of attention. Although mild they can get very angry with cruel people even if they were not subjected to the act of cruelty. They are cautious worriers that need constant reassurance and often drive their close friends and family to distraction by talking too much about their problems and concerns.
When ill they can become morbidly lethargic and tend to self pity.
Sluggish, feeble and lethargic sums up the Physical Symptoms. Exertion of even the smallest nature leaves them weak in a near state of collapse. They cannot stand the cold but if they overheat just a little it enervates them to the point that they must rest. Discharges smell sour.

Key Symptoms:
Anxious lethargy, sour smelling discharges, can't stand cold, Sluggish.

Used for treatment of:



Joint Pain

Skeletal pain

Broken bones

Teeth care (to slow dental decay)


Toothache (worse: by inhaling cold air or drinking cold or hot liquids)


Eye inflammation (accompanied by a cold - yellow discharge)

Breastfeeding (swollen breasts, excessive milk production)





Insomnia (accompanied by stress)

Phobias (Irrational fears about self esteem and failure)


Thrush (vaginal itching, thick yellow discharge, heavy periods and sometimes enlarged breasts)



Sore throat


Cramps (during sleep and on waking up)


General Symptoms Worse for: Factors/Conditions that make the symptoms worse
Climbing stairs or hills
Before menstruating


General Symptoms Better for: Factors/Conditions that improve symptoms
Dry Weather
Mid day

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