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Arnica - Uses, Benefits, Properties, Description, Effects and Details of Arnica explanation and other information

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Remedy Name/s: Common Name/s: Latin, Zoological, Botanical and mineralogical name/s:
Arnica, Arnica Montana Leopard's bane, Mountain tobacco Arnica Montana

General description and domicile:
This daisy-like plant grows well in the rarified air of Alpine mountains, just below the snow line. It is very well known in herbal medicine as an ointment or poultice to treat bruises and sprains.

Warning: Do not ingest the plant as it is potentially very toxic.

Part used and extraction:
All of the plant is used, harvested in the flowering season.

Remedy preparation:
Chopped and steeped in alcohol to obtain mother tincture

This toxic herb was chewed by Alpine mountain climbers to ease the pain of aching muscles, a practice that was discontinued after some were fatally poisoned. 

Proved by Hahnemann.

How to use these pages:
What follows below is a profile of the homeopathic remedy. This profile must be compared with the profile of the person to be treated in great detail before treatment can be commenced. See How to Use these Pages

Remedy profile:
Arnica people tend to pretend that they are fine even if quite ill. After an accident or other trauma the patient may be obviously injured but will still refuse attention or treatment on the grounds that there is nothing wrong at all.
Arnica people are forgetful and absentminded and prefer to be left alone, especially when ill.
Arnica's usual role is in the treatment of physical injury due to a trauma or operative procedure, bereavement or other emotional trauma but is also used bruising, joint pain and fever.
After a shock, physical injury or operation (including dental treatment, the body feels battered and cannot get comfortable.
After childbirth there may be general discomfort and an aching bruised vagina.
Sore, bruised and/or bleeding gums after trauma or dental treatment.
Fevers that cause heated face and head with cold, damp body and limbs, bad breath and foul smelling stools, urine and sweat.
Chest tearing coughs

Key Symptoms:
Bad breath, Illness or pain denied, Bruised and/or bleeding, Continuous discomfort, Trauma.

Used for treatment of:

Skin Conditions



Post operative

After Childbirth

Bleeding gums

Bleeding and blood blisters


Broken bones





Post dental treatment


General Symptoms Worse for: Factors/Conditions that make the symptoms worse


General Symptoms Better for: Factors/Conditions that improve symptoms
Lying down

See also our Herbal page on Arnica.


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