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Antimonium Tart. - Uses, Benefits, Properties, Description, Effects and Details of Antimonium Tart. explanation and other information

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Remedy Name/s: Common Name/s: Latin, Zoological, Botanical and mineralogical name/s:
Antimodium Tartaricum, Antimodium Tart. Tartar Emetic Antimony Potassium Tartrate

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General description and domicile:
A very poisonous substance prepared chemically from Antimony oxide.

Warning: Extreme care must be taken when handling this chemical as it is a virulent poison.

Part used and extraction:
Chemically prepared from antimony oxide and potassium tartrate it forms an off-white crystalline powder.

Remedy preparation:
The antimony potassium tartrate is triturated with lactose sugar to form the mother tincture.

The medical history of this form of antimony is steeped in accidental deaths. It was used as a powerful emetic, which was almost always guaranteed to work but if it did not cause vomiting the patient inevitably died from absorbing the poison. It was also used to cleanse wounds and again the patient may absorb enough of this virulent poison into the bloodstream and die.

More recently it was used as an insecticide and in the textile industry as a color fixative.

Proved by Hanhemann originally but then also proved by several later doctors.

Remedy profile:
Insecure, attention seekers that respond to attention, reassurance, comfort and rest. When sick they rapidly become restless, anxious but apathetic, listless and drowsy. Although they crave attention and sympathy they do not like being touched or examined.

Physical symptoms are lack of thirst, excessive cold sweat, weakness, congested, rattle-prone chest infection. Face is pale, drawn and blue in the lips.

Key Symptoms:
Suffocating mucus build up in chest, aversion to examination or being touched, lack of thirst, listless weakness.

Used for treatment of:




Chicken Pox


General Symptoms Worse for: Factors/Conditions that make the symptoms worse
Getting angry
Warmth or hot
Lying down


General Symptoms Better for: Factors/Conditions that improve symptoms
Open air
For sitting up
For coughing up mucus
For vomiting

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