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Remedy Name/s: Common Name/s: Latin, Zoological, Botanical and mineralogical name/s:
Aconite Monkshood, wolf's bane, friar's cap Aconitum Napellus

General description and domicile:
Growing in damp mountainous regions in Europe and Central Asia Aconite has a pretty blue/purple flower that grows in tall, clustered stems, from tubers originating in the roots of the plant.

All of the plant is very poisonous but the poisonous alkaloid (known as aconite) is more concentrated in the roots which can poison if touched.

Warning: Extreme care must be taken when handling this plant as very little contact with aconite can be fatal.

Part used and extraction:
All of the plant with the exception of the roots is used, harvested in the flowering season.

Remedy preparation:
Chopped and steeped in alcohol to obtain mother tincture

The sap of the plant was originally used as arrow tip poison. It was also used as a herbal remedy externally for bruises.

Hahnemann proved this remedy and used it extensively against fevers, pain and infections

Remedy profile:
Aconite is used by homeopaths in cases where the onset of deterioration and illness is very sudden in people that are normally healthy and strong. Physical and mental symptoms occurs suddenly. Physical symptoms often follow shock, fear and/or sudden temperature changes especially sudden cold and winds.

Emotional Disposition and psychological symptoms are anxiety, restlessness, acute fear, paranoia, fear of death and panic attacks.

The remedy encourages sweating.

Key Symptoms:
Conditions caused by sudden shock or exposure to cold and wet weather, sudden acute infections, panic attacks and fear.

Used for treatment of:

Respiratory Infections:
Flu or colds triggered by cold, wet weather with rapid onset. Catarrh, congestion, fevers, sore throat and chest, breathlessness and coughing.
Better: for warmth, for fresh air, for lying down.
Worse: for heat, for stuffy rooms, at night.

Anxiety, shock and fear:
Triggered by phobias or an actual frightening event. Restlessness, irritability, inability to sit down, palpitations, sense of doom, jumpiness and panic attacks that may be accompanied with fear of company and reclusiveness.
Better: for lying down, for fresh air.
Worse: for noise, for crowded places, for stuffy rooms.

Eye and ear infections:
Conjunctivitis, earache, inflamed eyes sensitivity to light and noise, rapid onset and fevers. Disturbed sleep, restlessness, hot face.

Prescribed for sudden fear of death during labor.


Chicken Pox








Menopausal hot flushes:
Restlessness, agitation panic attacks and anxiety related to menopause. Hot flushes accompanied by fear and sense of claustrophobia.

Irregular Periods

General Symptoms Worse for:
Factors/Conditions that make the symptoms worse
Stuffy rooms,
Pressure on infected part,
Listening to music,
Walking at night,
Violent emotions,
Tobacco smoke,
Sudden frights,
Late at night.


General Symptoms Better for: Factors/Conditions that improve symptoms
Fresh air,
Lying down

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