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Holistic medicine literally means the treatment of the body, mind and spirit as a whole. In Holistic medicine the psyche, soul and even the conscious mind is included with all aspects of the physical body as a whole and it is believed that all of these are interrelated and are all capable of affecting the other. In Holistic medicine it is therefore believed that any treatment that is applied to a single part or facet of this full spectrum or view of the being will affect in some way all of the other facets.

Holistic medicine is an all encompassing field. Disciplines and healing treatments that qualify as Holistic medicine all have the same theme in common. The Mind, Body and Spirit interacts to form a combined concept of well being and treatment. One cannot be manipulated or treated without a corresponding effect or change in the others.

We bring you a list of Holistic medicine (this could also be viewed as Holistic Treatments) which is really a Directory of Holistic Health, Treatments and Medicine. You can click here to go to our Holistic Directory but wherever you are on these pages you can always go to it by clicking on Holistic Directory in the left Navigation Ribbon.

The varied disciplines of Holistic Medicine and treatment can be traced back as far as six thousand years ago and it is probably more as we are relying on only those cultures that started recording their Holistic medicine disciplines that long ago.

Each continent and every race have Holistic medicine that go back to their very roots of development. Not all of these treat body, mind and spirit as a whole but almost all recognise that there is a close link between the body and the spirit. 

A huge part of the modern recognition of Holistic medicine is based on ancient wisdom that has remained unchanged for centuries. Ayurveda Holistic medicine, with its origins going as far back as the Indian culture, is but one example of many. The modern recognition that mind, body and spirit are intrinsically linked is not new, it is literally thousands of years old.

In our Holistic Directory we will list all these Holistic medicine systems as we find them. This list of Holistic medicine can never be complete as much of the ancient wisdom has been lost over the years. Where possible we will also bring you a description of the Holistic medicine system in our information pages.

Holistic medicine does not work for everyone. Holistic medicine's effectiveness is dependant on the application of the individual philosophy and the commitment of the individual. Our pages can and does only give you an overview of the philosophy and practices of Holistic medicine, it is by no means complete and should not be used as a guide to practicing any of the Holistic disciplines. If you wish to pursue any of the Holistic medicine treatments we suggest that you contact an appropriate and qualified practitioner before venturing on the path of Holistic medicine.




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