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Holistic Modalities:

Holistic Modalities can be traced back to the origins of mankind. Almost every race on every continent has folklore or records of Holistic Modalities going back to the beginning of time that refers to some form of holistic healing or medicine. In some of these very old, traditional practices of Holistic Modalities the emphasis may change, but almost all recognize the importance of body, mind and soul.

Not all Modalities or disciplines have a totally holistic approach although most of them tend to address more than just a single symptom. For completeness and to avoid confusion we list all Holistic Modalities regardless of the degree of holistic approach in a single index below.

Holistic Modalities Directory
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This Holistic Modalities Directory lists those disciplines and philosophies that are concerned with the advantageous effects or benefits of regarding body, mind and spirit as a whole. Not all Holistic Modalities are focused on healing the physical body. Many Holistic Modalities focus on the treatment of the emotional level only (happiness, enjoyment and a sense of well being) on the assumption that once a person is in emotional equilibrium the rest of the body will follow. Other Holistic Modalities are closer attuned to fitness and the prevention of sickness and ailments through living a holistically balanced life.

Almost all Holistic Modalities recognize that the objective is not purely to obtain a healthy body but that this is only one facet of true health. All Holistic Modalities believe to a larger or lesser degree that by changing your mind or mind set you will inevitably trigger some change in your body, and vice versa.

Although we try to bring you an accurate summary or the essence of each of the Holistic Modalities, Therapies or disciplines, we are the first to acknowledge that it is woefully inadequate to even attempt to describe in a few hundred words a traditional belief system that goes back in most cases for thousands of years. Our synopsis of Holistic Modalities is only there to give you a flavor of the subject.

In most cases we will also list recommended reading for those who may wish to learn more about Holistic Modalities. Though any Holistic System will take years to master that does not preclude you from taking advantage of the benefits by starting right now.

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