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Monkshood, Blue Rocket, Friars Cap, Aconite

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Most Common Name:Wolf's Bane, Aconite
Botanical Name:Aconitum Napellus, Aconitum Lycoctonum Vulparia
Also Known As (other names):Monkshood, Blue Rocket, Friars Cap, Aconite

Wolf's Bane contains Aconite a most deadly substance and we urge our readers and visitors not to use or acquire this herb in any form. Administration of this herb in any form must be under strict supervision by an appropriately qualified medical practitioner.

Aconite, which is the dominant constituent in Wolf's Bane is poison. Aconite is a very toxic substance being used as a poison on arrows throughout the east thousands of years ago. Using this substance is dangerous and life threatening.

Indigenous to the Alps and Pyrenees where it grows profusely on the slopes of the mountains (the blue version) or lower in the valleys (the yellow version) this substance should not be used unless under strict medical supervision. This substance causes paralysis followed by death. Even touching this plant could be harmful.

Aconite is a favourite substance in Homeopathy (Aconite homeopathy page) where it is used in such dilutions that it is no longer life threatening. We urge caution even then.

This herb is not recommended


As there are many other herbs that will render the same or better benefits we do not recommend the use of this herb. We have included it on our pages in the interest of completeness only.

For other herbs that will address your specific symptoms or complaints please go to our Symptoms Directory where we list the most common complaints, diseases, symptoms and affects with links to all the herb pages that address these.

The reasons why we do not recommend this particular herb could be one or more of the following reasons:

It is poisonous and/or contains toxins

We believe that it has no effect

Dosage is hard to determine and in some cases the therapeutic dose may be too close to the toxic dose.

Side effects of this herb could be too severe for personal safety

Any significant dosage of this herb could be fatal.

If you still believe that only this herb can address the complaint that you have we insist that you discuss it in detail with your doctor and heed his or her advice.

Please read our warning and disclaimer by clicking here.


It is used for, or in treatment of:

Pain relieftonsilitisCatarrh


Administered as:


What is?

A CompressA DecoctionA Herbal VinegarA Fluid Extract
An InfusionAn OintmentA PoulticeA Powder
A SalveA SyrupA TeaA Tincture


Constituents (i.e. what has been reported to be in this herb):



How current is this information?


Recommended Reading:



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