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The information on Beneforce pages is there for your enjoyment and enlightenment and is not intended to replace or even augment the advice and recommendations of a qualified medical practitioner. These people are qualified in the art and science of diagnoses, prognoses and treatment all of which cannot be provided over the internet on generalized pages.

All of the information offered on our pages comes from knowledge we have gained over years but none of the authors of this information can give advice or recommend the use of any of the products we bring you on these pages for the simple reason that we are not in a position to, nor do we wish to, enter into the dialogue necessary to diagnose even the mildest conditions. That is after all the role of your doctor and we do not offer any alternative to this vital service.

Like all medicines traditional medicine, herbal and homeopathic substances and natural medicines can be harmful if taken in excess or with other medication. Some substances used in herbal and other remedies like Nightshade is a virulent and vicious poison that could easily lead to death if taken in the wrong dosage. Many other substances used in all medical practices could also cause death or severe illness if taken inappropriately.

Many herbs are freely available and may even be harvested locally. In our pages we give a brief description of how extracts are made from herbs and other substances. If, out of interest or need, you choose to apply one of these methods or any other form of extraction please ensure that you get the appropriate advice on use and dosage from a qualified practitioner as it is quite possible that dosages and treatments available commercially will not apply to the end result that you may achieve. As a consequence you may overdose which could be harmful or you may be taking far too little in which case it may not help or could even be harmful in turn. It is our opinion that the extraction process must be left to the professionals as the risk of severe illness (even death) resulting from ignorance is far too high.

We urge you to seek out a professional practitioner on any of the subjects we cover before embarking on a process of self healing. Many of the disciplines we cover may not seem harmful but even mild exercise may not be advisable in certain extreme situations.

We cannot and do not accept any responsibility for the consequences of any action taken as a result of any of the content of our web site or any web site we have linked to.




* Statements made have not been evaluated by American Food and Drug Authority or similar board or authority of any other country.
The content of this website, products offered on the website and any correspondence that we may enter into with you have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Authority. The information and products offered on this website and any website or publication that we may refer to or link to are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, prevent or in any way improve or ease any conditions, disease or symptoms. The content of the website, products and documentation provided is for your entertainment and enlightenment only. None of the content of this website, packaging and documentation provided with products offered on this website or any correspondence entered into is intended or should be construed as a substitute or augmentation of advice from your physician or medical practitioner. You should not use any information provided by us in any form to diagnose or treat any condition or disease. You must consult your healthcare practitioner or doctor before commencing any dietary change, taking or ceasing to take any medication, starting or stopping a treatment of any suspected or diagnosed medical condition or self improvement plan.


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