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Sundew - Uses, Benefits, Properties, Description, Effects and Details of Sundew explanation and other information*

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Common Name/s: Other Name/s: Botanical  name/s:
Sundew Dew Plant, Red Rot Drosera Rotundifolia

General description and domicile:
Found in most parts of the world this small herbaceous aquatic perennial grows in swamps and marshes where nutrients in the soil are low. It makes up for the lack of nutrients in the soil by trapping and digesting insects on its leaves.
The plant is very small and ground hugging. Flowers are white in clusters on short (less than four inch) stalks and the leaves are spread from the base close to the ground. The leaves are green with red stalks and both contain red hair like growths. The red hairs are longer and more dense on the leaves and have a minute, dew-like, drop of liquid at the ends which is excreted most by the plant when the sun is at its zenith (which is why it is called sundew).
It is with this combination of hair and liquid that the insects are caught. The hairs curl in gently while the sticky liquid deters the insect, so trapping it before a digestive fluid is secreted.

Part used and extraction:

The entire herb is used.

Remedy preparation:
Dried herb, tincture and fluid extract

Sundew has traditionally been used for whooping cough and other respiratory complaints.

Used for treatment of:

Whooping cough






Naphthaquinones: Characterised by their very dark color, naphthaquinones have antimicrobial, anti-tumour and antifungal properties.

Flavonoids: Flavonoids occur (as white and yellow plant pigments found almost as commonly as chlorophyll) as Glycosides or in a free state. In plants it is essential for protecting plant tissue from UV radiation and acts as antioxidants. As pigments it is also responsible for Autumn colors in leaves and yellow/red pigmentation in flowers.

Laboratory experiments have been conducted on the beneficiary effect of Flavonoids on the heart and circulatory system. Flavonoids are also used to mitigate stress, especially environmental stress. Flavonoids are often used for their antioxidant effect against free radicals. There are also strong indications that they have antiviral, anti-inflammatory and anti-hypertensive properties but dosage has not been determined which will obviously have a profound effect on their efficacy as a component of this herb.


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