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St John's Wort.

Often described as "The Prozac of herbs" we list below some of the claims that have been made of this herb.

St John's Wort is an extract from the plant Hypericum perforatum a two foot tall, deep green shrub with yellow flowers. 

Initially active ingredients were extracted by brewing a tea from the leaves of the plant.

Even today there is no clear definition of which compounds found in this very complex herb are responsible for all of the antidepressant effect many claims that it has. Research is still continuing and many of the claims and lores surrounding this herb is being explored in an attempt to fully understand this very complex substance, its benefits and risks, if any.

St. John's Wort use and application:
People are using St John's Wort for:
Stress (bereavement and other loss, unemployment, work related stress)
Tiredness and fatigue
Social related phobias and disorders
Panic disorder

St John's Wort Side effects:
Reported side effects that we have found (this may not be a complete list):
Gastrointestinal irritations
Skin sensitivity and other allergic reactions

All of the above side effects are claimed to be very rare but we strongly recommend that a medical practitioner be consulted before use of this herb to ensure that dosages and effect is monitored professionally.

Like most herbal medicines there are still many areas, effects and applications of this herb that has not yet been explored. One of these is the claim that this herb is also effective in the treatment of wounds - a use of the herb that goes back some two thousand years - as well as its use as an antiviral aid.

Other areas where St John's Wort is claimed to have beneficial effects:
"Thinking more clearly" in aged people
Improvement of sex drive and enjoyment as well as improved sexual functioning
Improvement of concentration on complex issues.

Use with other medication:
We have to stress that we have found very little information on the use of this herb with other medication. It is essential that, prior to taking it, any medication must be discussed with your medical practitioner and this is even more important if you are already taking prescription drugs.




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