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Most Common Name: Kola
Botanical Name:Kola Vera, Cola Nitida, Cola Acurninata
Also Known As (other names):Cola, Gurru nuts, Kola seeds, Cola seeds, Bissy nuts

Kola Constituents


Kola description and origin:

Originally from Western Africa, where the nuts of the Kola tree was traditionally used as a stimulant, it was introduced into the Americas by the slaves. By the 19th century Kola was widely used in America to treat a wide variety of problems including headaches, diarrhea, fevers and pneumonia.

In Atlanta, Georgia a pharmacist, John Pemberton, mixed a concoction consisting of kola extract and coca extract as a headache and migraine remedy which he sweetened and carbonated to make it more palatable.  A businessman called Asa Chandler bought the rights to the product and started the now world famous Coca-Cola company.

Kola Use for/In treatment of:


Kola Properties:

StimulantGeneral tonic 

Kola Constituents (Kola Ingredients):

Below we list reported constituents of Kola. This may not be complete as continuous research constantly discovers new constituents.

Caffeine: Caffeine is a mentholated xanthine.

Caffeine is a very effective central nervous system stimulant, overcoming fatigue and sleepiness as well as increasing alertness. Prolonged use can lead to chronic insomnia and overdose will cause insomnia, agitation and tremours.

Caffeine also increases the heart rate and raises metabolism as well as raising blood pressure. Caffeine is sometimes effective against migraines.

Caffeine is habit forming and in addicts withdrawal can cause severe headaches.

Kolanin: No current data available


Kola Contraindications, do not use if:

Caffeine in Cola may increase blood pressureCaffeine increases tension and irritability 
We cannot warrant that this list of contraindications are complete or valid. We urge that you consult an appropriate and knowledgeable practitioner before treatment.

Kola is Administered as/Available in:

A drink (soda)InfusionLiquid extract
Dried herb  

What is?

A CompressA DecoctionA Herbal VinegarA Fluid Extract
An InfusionAn OintmentA PoulticeA Powder
A SalveA SyrupA TeaA Tincture

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