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Oil Name: Cypress
Parts of plant used:Cones and leaves
Botanical Name:Cupressus Sempervirens
Aroma:Cleansing and woody

Cypress Essential Oil Constituents


Cypress Essential Oil uses, description and origin:

Cypress trees are native to the Mediterranean area but was named after the island of Cyprus where it used to be worshipped as it was believed that one of the deities was turned into a Cypress tree.

the Cypress tree has been a favourite decorative tree in cemeteries since ancient history.

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Cypress Uses for/In treatment of:

AnxietyHeavy menstruationMenopausal flushes

Cypress Properties:


Cypress Constituents (Cypress Ingredients):

Below we list reported constituents of this Cypress. This may not be complete as continuous research constantly discovers new constituents.

Pinene: Commonly found in Oil of Turpentine extracted from Pinus specie trees, pinene (alpha-pinene and beta-pinene) is also widely distributed in other plants. It is used for Rheumatism as a liniment but is best known by Aromatherapists and a tonic of the mucus membranes of the respiratory system. Pinene is also important for its pleasant fragrance and is believed to have diuretic properties by many.

Sabinol: An alcohol.

Furfurol: an Aldehyde used as a solvent, insecticide and fungicide. often used to flavour food, it has a distinctive odor. Furfural is an irritant to mucus membranes and in any significant dosage acts on the central nervous system. if ingested it has many negative effects including nervous and coordination disturbance and malfunctioning, headaches and vision impairment.

Aldehydes: Aldehydes are a class of highly reactive chemical compounds that are intermediate between acids and alcohols, containing less hydrogen than alcohols and less oxygen than acids.
Aldehydes are mostly irritants and can cause skin irritation in even when diluted. Monoterpene Aldehydes are geranial, citronellal, citral (which is responsible for the sharp distinctive citric smell) while Cyclic Aldehydes are also known as aromatic Aldehydes have far more cloying and sweet smells like Cinnamic Aldehyde and Benzaldehyde, which are Cyclic Aldehydes, widely used in the perfume industry.
If ingested aldehydes are very irritant to the gastrointestinal tract, causing nausea and diarrhoea.

For further detail see specific aldehydes:
Cinnamic Aldehyde

Terpinyl Acetate: An Ester.

Esters: Mainly found in small amounts in flowers, Esters are responsible for the characteristic fragrances of the flowers and volatile oils.

Esters are mostly sedative and antispasmodic and generally non-irritant and mild, although some, like Methyl Salicylate, found in wintergreen, are more irritant.


Camphene: No current data available

Cymene: No current data available

Sylvestrene: No current data available


Cypress Contraindications, do not use if:

Do not use on mucous membranes Could be irritant to all skin 
We cannot warrant that this list of contraindications are complete or valid. We urge that you consult an appropriate and knowledgeable practitioner before treatment.
How current is this information?

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