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Chiropractic Healing.

Compared to other Holistic disciplines Chiropractic Medicine is relatively young.

Chiropractic Medicine was started in Canada late in the 19th century where a healer called Daniel Palmer first started practicing the adjustment and manipulation of primarily the spine (but sometime other parts of the skeleton) to relieve symptoms that are often remote from the area of manipulation or adjustment.

The spine is very complex and affects the entire body as all the other limbs are attached or hinged off it. It therefore follows that if the spine does not operate at maximum efficiency the rest of the body will also be unable to. The name Chiropractic Medicine literally means manual medicine.

In Chiropractic Medicine this manipulation or adjustment, known as "subluxation" is aimed at aligning the individual bones relative to the surrounding parts of the skeletal structure. Misalignment causes bad posture which is often responsible for aches but it could also restrict nerve function to almost any part or organ of the body, which in turn hampers the effective function of that body part.

Chiropractic Medicine takes a holistic view as they work towards the overall efficiency of skeletal and nerve functions which involves the whole body.

Of the holistic disciplines chiropractic medicine is possibly the most accepted of all the holistic medicines and treatments. Patients are frequently referred to chiropractors by general practitioners.



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