Herbal treatment for Anthrax and alternative treatments


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Anthrax Description:

A very acute infectious disease found mostly in cattle and sheep. It is caused by the spores of the bacterium Bacillus anthraces. Humans can get Anthrax from inhaling the spores or being in contact with an animal that has the disease (in which case the bacteria normally enters through a cut in the skin). Almost all animals that contract Anthrax die.

This is not a disease to be treated at home. If you even vaguely suspect Anthrax see your doctor immediately. Anthrax kills if not treated early and even then it cannot always be cured.

Symptoms, if contracted through damaged skin, are a lesion that is brown and inflamed, ulcerates and then forms a crusted, wet scab. This is followed by headaches, nausea, vomiting, fevers and internal bleeding.

If the disease was contracted by inhalation above symptoms (without those local to the skin infestation) may take two to sixty days to develop and is very likely to rapidly developed followed by death unless drastic medical action (which is a course of very potent antibiotics) is taken.

Anthrax is very contagious and contact with a person suffering from the disease must be avoided.

Do not even try to find a cure for suspected Anthrax. See your doctor immediately. The solutions listed below should only be used in conjunction with treatment prescribed by your doctor after consultation.

Anthrax solutions by Modality:

Herbal treatments for Anthrax:Aromatherapy treatments for AnthraxBach Flower remedies for Anthrax
Homeopathy remedies for Anthrax: Supplements for Anthrax:Minerals for Anthrax:
Tarantula Cub.    
Vitamins for Anthrax:Ayurvedic remedies for Anthrax: Traditional Chinese Medicine for Anthrax:



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