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Eidon Mineral Supplements - Home page.

Welcome to the Eidon Home Page on Beneforce.

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Corporate information and advertisement as supplied by Eidon

At Eidon, we understand that all life begins at the cellular level. We are a synergistic blend of oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen and carbon working in conjunction with all of the essential minerals and driven by a spirit. We believe that without all of these elements in the proper amounts, optimal health cannot be achieved. To that end, we have developed a full line of liquid minerals and a mineral balancing program using hair analysis to guide one towards mineralibrium.

The primary problems in today's foods are that they have usually been refined to a degree where most of the essential minerals have been removed, or, initially grown in soil that was mineral depleted. So, try as we might, we do not have these minerals available to us in adequate bio-available forms or quantities. As we age, the total amount of food consumed is less and the variety of foods we eat decreases. This further compounds the first issue of inadequate minerals in our foods.

Linus Pauling Ph.D. and winner of two Nobel Prizes, believed fervently in the importance of mineral balancing as evidenced by the following statement... "You can trace every sickness, every disease, and every ailment to a mineral deficiency." Until now, the knowledge needed to balance one's minerals existed in the minds of only a few professionals who spent many years studying minerals and their beneficial impact on human health. Additionally, the ability to customize a program of mineral balancing was non-existent. Lastly, access to all of the essential minerals in a 100% liquid, bio-available format did not exist. This system is now available through Eidon.

Every person has different mineral needs based upon:
1. Age
2. Metabolism
3. Sex
4. Diet
5. Life Stresses

Naturally, each individual's needs for essential minerals will change from year to year as the above elements change.

Eidon's Mineral Balancing Program provides the health conscious consumer with:
1. The ability to monitor their own current mineral status using a non-invasive hair analysis.
2. A personalized, computerized report of the analysis provided by Bio-Trend Technologies that will assist in the designing of a mineral balancing support program for each individual.
3. The complete Eidon product line of single minerals available to choose from that will support the appropriate mineral balance as noted in each individual's analysis.



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