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Rare Books - These books are not necessarily books on alternative medicine, in fact they are quite eclectic in terms of subject matter having only their rarity in common. Some are rare and valuable books because they are old books, first edition books, collectible books, signed books or for any other reason.

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When I started Beneforce I never dreamed that I will be offering rare books or collectible books for sale. I started collecting books on alternative health and related subjects to establish a reference library for use in the collection of information and data for the pages I was building on this site. Because these reference books were (and are still) expensive and I had a very limited budget I started looking in second-hand bookshops, op-shops and even garage sales to build my library. In these travels I developed an interest in old and rare books and became a collector of rare books.

Initially I toyed with the idea of selling on Beneforce but as it turned out I was already too busy at my day job to do anything other than maintain Beneforce so the idea was put on the back burner. In the meantime I continued to buy used books wherever I could and now have a substantial inventory of used books.

I have decided to start a new site for used book sales for two reasons:
Firstly Beneforce is essentially an information site and should stay that way - to also sell thousands of books will make it hard to navigate.
Secondly I live in Australia and Beneforce is an international website hosted in the US. Australia does not lend itself to competitive international shipping - it is way too expensive. Australia Post is so expensive that we can barely compete with the Americas and most of Europe to Australian destinations (yes, our domestic postage is on par with their international postage). Obviously they realise that there is a huge developing on-line international market, while the powers-to-be in Australia have their heads in the sand.

bookop.com.au was started on March 7, 2010, aimed wholly and solely at the Australian market. I will take a while to list the thousands of books in the warehouse but you are welcome to browse - just remember postage will be close to the most expensive you have ever come across.

Although I am by no means an expert (in fact I regard myself as a novice) I have collected quite an extensive library of rare and different books, some of which I will offer for sale in this section of the website.







The webmaster or any official of Beneforce.com is not and does not profess to be an expert or collector of rare books. We cannot and will not  vouch for the authenticity of any of the books we offer for sale on this site. To that end we provide several detailed photographs to show the condition as well as publisher and printing data. From these we expect the buyer to form an opinion of the value of the book and the risk associated with the purchase of the book. All we guarantee is that the photographs are indeed photos of the book on sale and they have not been altered in any material way other than cropping and enhancement of the image. To that end we will not offer books for sale on this site that have not been photographed by us and are not stocked and delivered by us.

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