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How current is this information?

The areas covered by this website are vast. There are literally hundreds of modalities of Holistic and Alternative health, treatments and medicine and many have hundreds (sometimes thousands) of remedies or variations of remedies.

I started this website with the intention of demystifying and explaining the many modalities of Alternative medicine and am still committed to do so, but as I got to know more about each modality I started realizing that a simple explanation of the use, constituents and peculiarities of each remedy is not enough. Much more is needed.

Alternative, traditional, folk lore based remedies and treatments have by and large got one thing in common: they are holistic. Holistic not only in the aspect of treating the whole person but also holistic in the nature of the remedy. By the latter I mean that it is not possible to not take all of the treatment.

Let me explain: The pharmaceutical medicine we now regard as "conventional medicine" is based on specific chemicals occasionally extracted from plants but mostly synthesized in a laboratory. These have been refined to the point that only the specific substance is left. This is not true in most, if not all, of the alternative medicines.

Take aspirin for instance. When you ask for aspirin to ease pain at your local pharmacy you are supplied with salicylic acid in tablet form that was synthesized in a laboratory. If you consult a herbalist with the same complaint it is quite possible that he/she would prescribe Willow Bark extract.

Now Willow Bark has been used in China for over two thousand years against pain. It contains salicin - a Phenolic glycoside that is hydrolyzed by the body to salicylic acid. There is evidence that Willow Bark extract is easier on the gut than aspirin (one of its major negative side effects).

But that is not the only constituent of Willow bark. It also contains Flavonoids, coumaric acid, tannins and a rack of other Phenolic glycosides, all of which have either complimentary, neutral or negative effects on the condition you wish to cure.

There are also other plants (like meadowsweet) that contain salicylic acid, or its precursors. They will also contain other, different constituents that will all have different effects and side effects.

Now, have you not noticed that most holistic medicines seem to cure everything? Have you not wondered why there are so many that seem to do the same thing?

The simple answer is that there are many that have the same effects but there are not two that are exactly the same. So it is worth investing the time to find the right remedy rather than just the first remedy. I am committed to bring you a mechanism to narrow the choice down and have already started to do so with homeopathic remedies, but this is a huge undertaking and could take a while.

The above is a long winded way of saying that there is only one of me and although I am committed to present you with pages that will help in this quest for the better remedy, it is a vast field and it is unlikely that I will ever get to the point where I believe that Beneforce is complete.

I have learnt a lot from a multitude of sources and in the process have acquired a substantial library. I can tell you what is in a herb or other remedy but I cannot guarantee that my information is complete or that the product that you acquire is indeed the remedy that I have covered on Beneforce.    

Each page on Beneforce is as up to date as I was at the time of writing. I cannot be held responsible and will not accept responsibility for any errors or omissions. As and when I get around to it I am updating pages, constantly adding more information or correcting erroneous or misleading information. That process is ongoing and will continue for a very long time before I will feel that I have covered all aspects of the huge number of remedies on Beneforce and even then I am sure that there will be thousands of new discoveries and results from tests and trials that I will be unaware of.




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The content of this website, products offered on the website and any correspondence that we may enter into with you have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Authority. The information and products offered on this website and any website or publication that we may refer to or link to are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, prevent or in any way improve or ease any conditions, disease or symptoms. The content of the website, products and documentation provided is for your entertainment and enlightenment only. None of the content of this website, packaging and documentation provided with products offered on this website or any correspondence entered into is intended or should be construed as a substitute or augmentation of advice from your physician or medical practitioner. You should not use any information provided by us in any form to diagnose or treat any condition or disease. You must consult your healthcare practitioner or doctor before commencing any dietary change, taking or ceasing to take any medication, starting or stopping a treatment of any suspected or diagnosed medical condition or self improvement plan.


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