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Corporate Emotional Intelligence Assessment.

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Organisations that continually outperform others depend on the relationships of the people involved, which ultimately relates to the degree of emotional intelligence of its employees and leaders. Leaders possessing greater levels of emotional intelligence will create an effective work climate that will have a flow-on effect of further developing emotional intelligence at subordinate levels.

By using our Emotional Intelligence Assessment competencies questionnaire to select and assess employees, you will assist with their effectiveness and positively impact your organisation's performance. The focus is to create an awareness of Emotional Intelligence within the organization, thus creating an environment that is more collaborative, cohesive and innovative than its competitors.

Corporate Change

Studies show that over 70% of all change initiatives fail due to an insufficient focus on people. Further research concludes that lack of proper attention to people in times of change will lead to increased spending, higher employee turnover and lacklustre results. The time lost due to lack of planning relating to people issues leads to excessive losses that will never be recovered.

As a result, a recent survey of employers reveals that:

More than 50% of the people who work for them lack the motivation to continue learning and improving on the job.

40% find difficulty working cooperatively with fellow employees.

Almost 80% of entry-level applicants lack self-discipline in their work habits.

70% of all change initiatives do not achieve the desired results, in the main due to people issues - leadership, working with others in teams, taking initiative, dealing with change, etc.

Return on investment, amounting to billions of dollars, is wasted on development programs in leadership training.

By recognising and implementing effective leadership, the value of employees' actions can be optimised to realize greater growth, increased investor value and improved competitive advantage.

The ultimate goal therefore is to create an environment that can smoothly adapt to ever changing business conditions. This innovative thinking differs from traditional change approaches, which in the main fail because they continually underrate the importance of the people involved.

Corporations will benefit from:

Organisational commitment to a fundamental practical strategy

An increased awareness of their employee's levels of Emotional Intelligence.

An understanding of what motivates and enhances levels of personal drive.

A review of leadership capabilities, identifying the strongest influential people that can affect the organisation's success.

Manage, monitor and develop relationships between Emotional Intelligence, individual/team performance, and group/corporate productivity.

Continuing development of relationships inside and outside that offer competitive advantage

Innovation, risk taking and sharing knowledge together

Open communication and developing trust with all stakeholders

An enthusiasm for competition and continual improvement

Investment is $A495 (including GST) and postage

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Corporate assessment program information


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