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Materia Medica:
A catalogue of substances used for medicinal purposes, normally containing a description, effect and treatment regime.

In homeopathy the term refers to a book recording the results of more than 2,000 remedies that have been proved in accordance with Hahnemann's rules, which included extensive experimentation on volunteers at differing levels of potency, measuring physical, psychological and emotional effect across a wide range of conditions.

The collection of data was continued after Hahnemann by many including explorers to new continents collecting data from almost 5,000 substances all over the world.

Mother Tincture:
Not always a tincture this expression names the most concentrated form of a remedy before it has been succussed (or diluted). The mother tincture is a concentrated solution, properly filtered, of the base substance in lactose, alcohol or other liquid form.

Vigorous shaking or even banging on a firm surface, believed to be intrinsic to the process of dilution or succussion. Devised by Hahnemann, the father of homeopathy, this process of succussion is believed to potentize the solution rendering higher solutions (say 6c) more potent than lower solutions (say 3c).

Remedy Profile:
A summation of the physical, psychological and emotional symptoms associated with the remedy. This profile was built by careful observation of the effect of the substance that the remedy is made from on otherwise healthy people and is used to match against potential patients to determine which remedy is most appropriate for individual patients.

The remedy profile often differentiates between primary and secondary symptoms.

Symptoms better/Symptoms worse:
Although a rather quaint way of putting it these refer to the factors, both internal and external, that improves or exacerbates the symptoms of the ailment. This information is used by a homeopath to assist in the diagnoses of the condition and to determine which remedy is most appropriate.

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