Homeopathy safety issues

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Homeopathy safety issues
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Homeopathy has been described as a safe alternative medicine where the risks of harm is very small. This concept of safety dates back to the very beginnings of homeopathy where it has always been the stated objective that no remedy should have the potential of causing harm.

This does not mean that there are no risks associated with homeopathic medication. As always these risks increase dramatically in the case of self diagnosis and self prescription of remedies.

As in the case of most "off the shelf" medications and remedies the precautions that should be taken and factors that should be considered are common sense but I repeat some:

Poisonous substances:
Homeopathic remedies that have been prepared properly (see our page on How Homeopathic Remedies are made) may be safe but do not forget that they are mostly made from very toxic substances like arsenic and strychnine.

Making these remedies yourself, unless you are a qualified homeopath versed in the preparation of remedies, could be very dangerous for you and the people you are attempting to heal.

Serious ailments:
There are several symptoms that must immediately be referred to a doctor. Many of these are potentially so harmful that immediate hospitalization is required. Self diagnoses and prescribing of any medicine, including homeopathic remedies, is foolish and strongly discouraged.

Keep in mind that many deaths occur because a treatment or procedure started too late. 

The conditions and symptoms that must immediately be referred to appropriately qualified medical professionals are many and there are many publications that list these available from your local GP or hospital. I only mention an obvious few (so please do not take my list as complete in any way):

Chest pain

Breathing difficulties

Vomiting or coughing up blood or the presence of blood in stools

Sores or bumps that do not heal - moles/blemishes that itch or change shape or color

Lumps in or bleeding of breasts or genital organs

Bad, persistent headaches.

And way too many more symptoms of fatal/life changing conditions and ailments.

Fully inform your medical practitioners:
Tell your doctor if you are taking homeopathic, or any other alternative, medicine and tell your homeopath which medicines (prescription and other) your doctor has you on. You need to inform all the practitioners, regardless of the modality, of all the medication you are on.

Never stop taking medication without referring to your doctor.

Never start taking medicine without consulting your doctor.

Never administer any medicine to children without referring to your doctor.

Never exceed recommended dosages.

I realize that the above and so much more not covered by me is just plain common sense that goes without saying but it is amazing how many people do not heed simple common sense. Please take care.

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