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Dr Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of Homeopathy, was the middle child of five in a poor family. His family could hardly support him and sending him to University could not be afforded.

Hahnemann put himself through University with an income earned by teaching or tutoring and the translation of books, mostly medical works. Even after he graduated as a doctor from Leipzig University he only practiced medicine for nine years before abandoning his practice on the grounds that medical practice of the day was cruel and very ineffective. This meant that his only means of revenue was again literature, which was mostly translation.

One of the works that he translated was A treatise on Materia Medica by Dr. William Cullen which, amongst other things, included a section on Cinchona or Peruvian Bark and the remarkable healing power it had when used to cure Malaria. Hahnemann experimented with Cinchona (called China at the time and still is today be Homeopaths) by taking several doses of the cure every day and noticed that the remedy, taken by a healthy person, creates almost exactly the same symptoms as that of Malaria.

Hahnemann took Peruvian Bark for an extended time and noticed that the improvement is almost instantaneous when he stopped taking the Cinchona extract. Within 24 hours he felt fine and all of the symptoms had disappeared.

Hahnemann supported Hippocrates in his belief that "like cures like" as well as a totally holistic approach, believing that emotional disposition and psychological symptoms must also be considered in the treatment and he applied this theory in the "Proving" of the remedy. He meticulously recorded all the symptoms caused by the substance.

Thus a "Proving" builds a complete Remedy Profile of physical symptoms, psychological symptoms and emotional changes or symptoms caused by the substance that is being Proved. This is done to a very detailed level and verified by either conducting the experiment on other people or repeating the whole thing over and over to eliminate all anomalies.

This Remedy Profile is intrinsic to the Holistic healing process. The best homeopaths put an enormous effort into the discovery of all major and minor symptoms that the patient may have (including their emotional disposition and psychological symptoms) and then matches this very carefully to the many Remedy Profiles to select the one Remedy Profile that is closest to the symptoms of the patient. Without a detailed and meticulously prepared Remedy Profile this is not possible.

Hahnemann proved many substances, including some very virulent poisons which was done by observing and helping the victims. Although his family and friends were willing to subject themselves to some of his Provings  many were conducted on himself.

Over the years many Provings were conducted by others. Some had the benefit of having the help of their friends and family but others like the explorers inevitably only had themselves to conduct the Provings on, like Dr. Constantine Hering who Proved Lachesis, the venom of the very poisonous Bushmaster Snake, in tropical South America in 1828. He only had his wife there to record his ramblings during the delirium it caused and had he made a mistake in the dosage we would not have this Remedy Profile today.

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