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Like many of the alternative medicine modalities Homeopathy is a holistic medicine that is prescribed and used by many as a complimentary medicine.

Homeopaths believe that the mind and body is so intertwined that one cannot be treated without the other and the diagnosis of a condition or ailment can only be achieved by looking carefully at both mind and body as well as the interaction between the two. Thus the physical condition is matched with the emotional disposition, character, lifestyle, intellect and personality of the person to be treated.

Because Homeopathy does not merely focus on the physical symptoms it is quite possible, in fact most likely, that two people with the same physical condition will not be treated with the same medication. The symptoms are regarded as the outward signals of a disorder and, although regarded as essential information, forms only a part of the diagnostic process.

Homeopaths strive to gain an understanding of the fundamental causes not only of the disorder or disease but also of the causative factors that allowed the condition to develop. Because of this they consult before, during and after a treatment to get a full understanding of how the ailment affects an individual. Because of this in-depth and prolonged relationship and understanding of the individual, homeopaths are effective at finding the source of chronic ailments and conditions.

Homeopathic remedies are prepared with one of the fundamental principles of medical intervention in mind, which is that it should do no harm. 

Providing that the remedies have been prepared by a qualified professional (do not forget that almost all remedies start off as a virulent poison and mistakes can and will be fatal), homeopaths are not opposed to selling their remedies off the shelf for self treatment. It is however foolish to attempt to treat major, life threatening, diseases in this manner. See your doctor or a professional, respected homeopath, for anything serious.

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