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Homeopathy methodology explained - Why do remedies have a symptoms profile? How does a practitioner decide which remedy?

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Homeopaths believe that each of us react differently to a condition and disease. Some become depressed by contracting a disease that others can remain quite cheerful through. Some become lethargic others maintain a reasonable energy level. Some fear death while others are not even concerned.

Homeopathy as a science considers all of these emotional reactions and psychological symptoms as part of the way the whole of the person is reacting to the condition and therefore regards these as essential elements of the diagnostic process. The characteristics of the person while healthy are just as important as their reaction to being ill. Nothing can be overlooked.

By careful observation a full profile of the patient is assembled (see finding a practitioner) and that is then carefully matched to the remedy profile before prescribing.

Homeopaths do not have a single remedy for each condition - in fact there are many remedies that appear to treat the same condition but if picked randomly will inevitably fail to help. The correct remedy must be chosen.

Finding the right remedy is often a painstakingly lengthy process of comparing the symptom profile of the remedy with the person that is treated until a perfect match is found. Because of this is do not recommend self-treatment as we tend to believe that we are the person we would like to be and it requires far more objectivity to match to a remedy profile.

On beneforce there is a page for each remedy in which we have attempted to describe the remedy and remedy profile based on the research we have done. These are linked to our Symptoms Directory where we are compiling a list of all the remedies that may apply to each symptom or condition. Each of the remedies in the homeopathic section must be compared with the patient to get the closest possible match.

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