What is good homeopathic practice?

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How do I determine which Homeopathic practitioner I should go to
? Even more important: How do I make sure that I am at least somewhat effective at choosing the right homeopathic remedy for myself or my family.

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Unfortunately we cannot provide you with a questionnaire that you can use to interrogate a prospective homeopath to know how good he or she will be. What we can give you is our impression of what to expect from a good practitioner.

The same applies to the effectiveness of self administration. I can't help but be reminded of the old saying in legal circles that a person who represents him/herself has a fool for a client.

Before we carry on. If you suspect that you, or the person you are planning to treat,  have a life threatening condition go to the nearest hospital. Homeopathy may have a good reputation and long history but nowhere in there are any recordings of the dead being resurrected.

Do not forget the fundamental principle that homeopathy is a holistic discipline. You may not think that psychological and emotional disposition has anything to do with a physical symptom until you realize that in homeopathy there are many remedies to choose from and the best fit works best. Without all of the information it will not be possible to find the right fit.

A good practitioner will spend a lot of time observing, listening and ask many questions like:
Where is the pain?
When is it worse?
What makes it better?
How does it feel?
Is it better in the morning?
How do you react?
Are you short tempered?
Do you cry easily?

A good practitioner will not just listen to you talk but also hear your breathing, pick up on your odor, notice if you have a fever by feeling your body and at the same time notice other details like cold damp limbs or a rough dry skin and many more things that you may not even notice is absorbed and recorded.

If you want to practice homeopathy on your family at home this dedication to observing all of a person is essential. Without it your treatment will be totally hit and miss.

Each remedy has a Symptom picture or profile that was painstakingly prepared over many days, weeks and months during the proving process. The more accurately that profile can be matched to the profile of the patient the higher the chances of success.

For example, if you go to our Symptoms Directory to look up Catarrh, you will find the following list of homeopathy remedies (and our list is not complete - it is still growing):
Bryonia Alba,
Allium Cepa,
Guaiacum Officinale,
Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum,
Kali. Iod.
Kalium Bichromicum
Merc. Sol.
Nat. Mur.
This does not mean that you can randomly take one of these remedies and all will be well. No, your job, or that of the homeopath, is not over yet. Each one of these remedies has a profile which has to be compared with the profile of the patient to get the best match.

If it is found that many remedies match the patient profile it is a sure indication that the process of diagnosis and discovery was inadequate - that level of amateurish failure is a sign that you can find yourself a better homeopath.

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