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Capsules are a boon to the small herbalist. They offer a convenient way of dispensing accurate doses of powdered herb in compact, easy to store units.

Capsules are easy to buy and inexpensive. They come in many sizes, the most useful size is 00 (also called a standard sized capsule) and are made from gelatin which dissolves in the gastric tract.

Suppliers of empty capsules often also sell devices to pack them which takes a lot of the hit-and-miss filling problems away.

Dosage is an issue: You have the choice of getting capsules that are large enough to take a standard single dose but they may be too big to swallow easily and it means that each dose for each capsule has to be weighed.
It is easier to buy convenient sized capsules (small enough to swallow but big enough to hold a reasonable quantity of powdered herb) weigh say ten empty, fill them and weigh them again, subtract the weight of the capsules to determine how much dried herb each contains and then determine how many make up a single dose. After that, providing that the herb is powdered evenly, you can fill all the other capsules without having to weigh every time.

If you are encapsulating more than one herb make sure that they are kept in separately, clearly marked containers. It is also possible to buy different colored capsules to ensure that there is no confusion.

Store in an airtight opaque contained (this also applies to empty capsules as they are inclined to absorb moisture and also degrade in light).

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