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Ads for Links -
Explanation of how we may be prepared to place advertisements on our pages in trade for inbound links.

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Like all sites Beneforce can do with more inbound links.

If you have page ranks of four or higher we are willing to explore the possibility of placing your ads on Beneforce in exchange for inbound links from high ranking pages. As these advertisements in return link to your site both organizations should benefit.

We will only consider links that make sense and can be supported by appropriate content. If there is little or no synergy between your site and Beneforce we are unlikely to accept your advertisement or link. In that case you may still want to advertise on Beneforce but you will have to bid and pay for it. Even then we do not accept paid advertisements that are in conflict with the theme of our site.

This is not a call for emails from those sites or organizations that specialize in providing thousands of spurious links. We have never been associated with "doorway" sites and will not, so please do not waste your and my time.

Most Search Engines (Google in particular) determine the importance of a web-page by the quality of inbound links to that page. Their reasoning dates back to the days when many of the pages categorized and ranked were white pages created by academics. Referral to another document was an endorsement of its significance even if it was in disagreement. More referrals made these articles or papers rank higher in search results.

I am not sure that this philosophy easily translates to commercial sites who are unlikely to link to, and thereby strengthen, the pages of their biggest competitors but at the time of writing this it is still the practice.

Inbound links have been used ad nauseam to manipulate page rank of "fly by night" sites whose only contribution to cyberspace is the revenue they earn from ads on pages that otherwise contain no useful information. Apart from the fact that it is unethical in my opinion, it has caused a huge backlash from Search Engines who will black list these "offenders" when they find them. We are not prepared to take that risk but believe that quality links will always be regarded as positive.

Beneforce is primarily an information site and our information pages are steadily growing. This effort is funded by the products we sell and advertisements we place on our pages. We have long term objectives and are not interested in short term gains unless they contribute to our long term goals.

We will consider each offer for link exchange on its merits and reserve the right to reject any offer. A lower ranking page that adds value to both sites may be chosen in favor of a highly ranked page of questionable synergy.

Also be aware that Google is totally confused about how to deal with links. Their current algorithm recognizes links as a way of measuring page rank or page value but because this is so easily manipulated they have been forced to add many band-aid measures to stop irrelevant spurious pages from ranking high on their SERPs. My personal opinion is that they will eventually be forced to abandon this measure altogether.

On Matt Cutts' blog pages this one does not seem to be resolved at all. Link trading is frowned upon but inbound links are encouraged. Go figure! I have lost interest. I have a website to work on and can no longer be tempted to jump through Google hoops!

If you are still interested contact us by following this link.


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