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Welcome to Beneforce

Our mission on Beneforce is to demystify the many modalities of holistic and alternative medicine. Many see the conventional medicine currently practiced in hospitals and medical centers as "scientific" and regard the many modalities of alternative health as "non-scientific" and based on folklore and superstition. Some recognize that spiritual healing plays a role but do not include that aspect in the healing of physical symptoms despite growing awareness that attitude and belief play a strong part in the healing process.

The fundamental difference between pharmaceutical medicine and most alternative remedies is in the extraction and manufacturing process. For example: Pharmaceutical preparations like aspirin contains synthesized acetylsalicylic acid, better known as salicylic acid (and possibly some other medically inert substances to bind a tablet together) while the herbal equivalent, Willow Bark, contains natural glycosides that is hydrolyzed to salicylic acid by the body. Both will relieve pain.

Just about anything that is made in the laboratory today is also manufactured by a plant somewhere on the planet. In fact, much of the "new discoveries" by pharmaceutical scientists are achieved by copying plants or herbs that have been around for millennia and have been used as medicinal herbs for hundreds, if not thousands, of years.

Most understand that "holistic" refers to the treatment of the whole person (body, mind and spirit) but few realize that holistic also applies to the medication in many instances. An extract, infusion or powder made from willow bark contains most or all of the constituents (or ingredients) of willow bark, not just the glycosides that hydrolyse to salicylic acid. The effects of these other constituents must be considered during diagnoses and prescription because the herbal remedy has not been stripped of the other constituents.

If you browse our pages or read a book on one of the alternative health modalities one of the first things that you will notice is that there seems to be a vast number of remedies that all claim to do the same thing, or treat the same condition. That is true. It is then also easy to be skeptical and feel that it is a bit like snake oil or to believe that it does not matter which remedy is taken. That is not true.

In our Willow Bark example above - it is not the only plant that contains salicylic acid esters or glycosides (in fact Meadowsweet was the preferred source before synthesizing and also the origin of the name aspirin - "a" from acetylsalicylic acid, and the rest from spiraea ulmara, Meadowsweet's botanical name).

There are many plants that contains salicylic acid and each also contains uniquely different other constituents. The skill of the herbalist is in choosing which one to use. For headaches, willow bark is possibly the better choice, but if the headache is a symptom of another condition it may be better to choose a herb that addresses the other condition but also contains salicylic acid for the pain.

The whole effect of the remedy must be matched to the whole symptom profile of the patient to be fully effective.

On these pages we try to provide the information needed to form an understanding of many of the modalities and the individual remedies, cross referenced to effect, symptom or condition and constituent to facilitate the process of finding the better solution from the wide choice available. Doing this in an unstructured way becomes confusing and is inefficient so for each modality we cover, so we provide a number of pages that instruct on how to apply the information. At present this is done for Homeopathy and we are working on the rest (it is a vast field that will always be a work in progress), in the meantime we have provided a Navigation Map (not the site map) for all the other remedies.

For those that wish to address a particular symptom, condition and disease, it should be sufficient to start at Symptoms which is listed in alphabetical order, clicking on one to get to the page and from there to browse the individual remedy pages of the modality of choice to find the most appropriate remedy.

We can only include on these pages the information that we have found with extensive research but we cannot guarantee that the information presented is complete or even accurate, we are constantly adding more.

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